Neil Low: March 2009

Friday, March 6, 2009

Take a Walk on Seattle's Wild Side

You may think you know Seattle history, but you probably don’t know it like author Neil Low. With over four decades in the Seattle Police Department, Low knows a side to the city that many have forgotten, overlooked, or never learned.

Want to know where smugglers hid illegal immigrants or which building housed the city’s most exclusive brothel that helped fund Seattle public schools? What about a mob lynching in Pioneer Square or a shootout between the city’s police chief and the saloon owner who had told the mayor about the chief’s corruption?

Curious? Then join Low for a fun and informative mystery ghost tour through the streets of Pioneer Square, where you'll visit some of Seattle's most notorious and haunted crime scenes. You'll learn all about Seattle's dark and seedy past, including some behind the scenes “insider” information from actual police files! Cap off your evening by taking home your very own, signed, first-edition copy of Thick as Thieves.

Low’s debut novel Thick as Thieves ended 2008 as the Seattle Mystery Bookshop’s #3 trade paperback. Thick as Thieves is garnering praise for it great characters and imaginative twists. Ann Rule, New York Times best selling author and true crime expert, had this to say about Low’s debut, “No one can write about cops and robbers like a real police officer. When they are good, they are very, very good, and Captain Neil Low is good as he magically captures another era in his new book. Reading it is akin to stepping into a film noir, shadowy, smoky, and shocking. No one is whom he seems to be, and each unveiling heightens the pace of high tension. How could the Lindbergh kidnapping be connected to Seattle? Low’s vivid imagination makes one wonder. . . This is a great book; alive with action . . . Set aside a few days to read it because you won’t want to stop.”

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(And the answer to the well-known gathering spot that was once a liquor distributor and next door to a brothel? . . . FX McRory’s.)